2 ... shape softened butter into logs and wrap with waxed paper or plastic wrap. Add Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to small microwave safe mixing bowl Over very low heat, or better yet, a double boiler, melt the beeswax and shea butter until liquid. Related Article: How to Make Aromatherapy Products Using Essential Oils. The essential oil is completely dependent on your mood and when you want to use the body butter. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving a sentimental gift, why not give a homemade gift set to close family and friends? Stirring continuously until melted completely. 1. There are two types of body butters that I often make. There are numerous benefits of making your own natural beauty products, including body butters. Use the whisk attachment on a hand or … Arrowroot Powder; Dropper; Instructions. There are two types of body butters that I often make. How to Make Aromatherapy Products Using Essential Oils, How to Plant Tulip Bulbs for Spring Flowers. Whisk the coconut oil and cocoa butter until it completely melts. If making your own homemade butter is too onerous, then think about supporting a small business. Recipe type: Body Butter. Once melted, remove the pan from the heat and allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes, then whisk in the lavender essential oil. You can use any good quality essential oil of your liking. Have you ever noticed that baby shampoos and bath washes contain lavender? All of the recipes are easy to make and work great to get rid of dry skin. Mix until the arrowroot powder has … Homemade Body Butter Cream Recipe (Lavender) - iSaveA2Z.com When you make your own natural beauty products, you know exactly what you have added to them. Once you are happy with the texture, spoon the lavender body butter in a sterilised, air tight jar. Ingredients: 1/4 cup Coconut oil; 1/4 cup Shea Butter; 1/4 cup Cocoa Butter; 3 Tablespoons Kukui Oil (may subst. Instructions Add all ingredients, except for Lavender, into a glass bowl. If you want to engage with a community of beginners learning about how to achieve sustainable lifestyle whilst saving money, please join our Eco Home and Garden Ideas for Beginners Facebook Group. You can use any good quality essential oil of your liking. Place the bowl over a pan of boiling water to gently melt the mixture. To sterilise the lids, place them in boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes. Place the tray in the oven for 10 minutes. Use the whisk attachment on a hand or stand mixer and whip the butter for about 30 seconds or until it's completely smooth Six 4 oz. Moving quickly, pour the mixture into jars through a strainer. Once the jars are completely cool, you can apply the lids. Sustainable Lifestyle For Beginners – Eco Home & Garden Ideas. Heat until all of the ingredients are fully melted and well combined (it usually takes about 12 minutes). Purchasing from the links will provide this site with a small commission at no cost to you. Learn how to make lavender body butter in a jar in this step by step DIY beauty recipe. Jars; 16 oz. This … spacerThis rich aromatherapy body butter is deeply moisturizing and nourishing - one of the nicest skincare products you can make for yourself.Not only do the butters and oils feed your skin with vitamins and minerals, but the Lavender Body Butter Recipe . Learn how to make luxurious Whipped Lavender Body Butter. … DIY Lavender Vanilla Whipped Body Butter. Not only can a lavender body butter be useful to you, it can also help someone else struggling to sleep. Author: Soap Queen. For example, use lavender to make a body butter for a good night sleep, a neroli oil one for day time use, and a eucalyptus oil one for someone has the flu. whip with a hand mixer or stand mixer (my favorite stand mixer) until the body butter is fluffy and stiff peaks have formed Therefore, if lack of relaxation and disrupted sleep is of concern, try making a body butter with an essential oil such as lavender to apply before bed. Place the jar into a small pot of water at a rolling boil. A lavender body butter for night time use and a floral scented body butter with neroli oil for use during the day. To make the body butter even creamier, you can add another butter such as mango butter, avocado butter or shea butter to the recipe. The combination of shea and cocoa butter with two nourishing oils makes a highly moisturizing combination, but whipping the mix helps it go on smoothly without being oily. Natural Lavender Body Balm. Reusing jam or pickle jars is a good way to minimise waste and it will save you money from buying brand new jars. Anna Olson's Honey Lavender Butter. This Whipped Lavender Body Butter leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. By Canadian chef Anna Olson. It is a group to help you save money whilst on your journey to natural and eco-friendly living. My passion revolves around making small changes in the home and garden to enhance a greener lifestyle. Lavender Butter; 1 oz. If you are struggling to sleep at night, have you tried a homemade lavender body butter? I want to help you achieve a minimalist home, develop a love for organic and edible gardening; and introduce you to alternative skincare options that are a plant based and natural. I love making homemade natural beauty products, especially easy to make skincare products with natural ingredients. Hi, I am Reshma, and I run the sustainable lifestyle blog, Smart Money Green Planet. Makes two small 4 ounce mason jars worth of lavender body butter. In a small, heat proof jar (or double boiler), combine all ingredients except the essential oil. You can make the body butter in small batches therefore reducing the amount of wastage from unused products.. Making them in small batches means you have a fresh batch to use every few weeks and you can use different essential oils every single time. Ingredients. Let’s Make It! Posted for ZWT4. None of those artificial chemicals that can irritate your skin, or worse yet, be carcinogenic! Lavender Shea Hand Cream & Whipped Body Butter Recipe Measurements are by weight. You can use a range of different essential oils to make a set of 3 or 4 body butter sets. The best part: most only require a few ingredients. The essential oil is completely dependent on your mood and when you want to use the body butter. I write about how to save money as well as achieve an eco friendly, green & natural lifestyle. Using a double boiler or a pot of boiling water with a smaller pot or stainless steel bowl fitted inside, melt cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and liquid oil together over medium heat. In a small, heat proof jar (or double boiler), combine all ingredients except the essential oil. Place the mixture into the freezer or into an ice bath to cool the mixture as quickly as possible. Ingredients. There are only three ingredients, making this a super simple and healthy recipe for skin care. Wash the jars with soap and hot water. You will also find blog posts about frugal living and minimalist lifestyle ideas to save money in the long run. Lavender is known to relax the body so we can sleep well. It's made with lavender butter, orchid extract, and Lavender Fine Essential Oil. Allow your mind and body to unwind and kick your feet up with a nice glass of wine while the body butter soaks in. Say bye-bye to dry skin for good with these homemade whipped body butter recipes. The recipe below is an easy DIY recipe that can be followed by beginners at any stage exploring natural homemade beauty products. 1 cup coconut oil 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract or essential oil 3-4 drops lavender essential oil Body Butter Ingredients. Serves: 6 jars. Remove the bowl and whip the mixture using a hand mixer for about 1-3 minutes to get a creamy and fluffy texture. Make sure you remove the soapy residue. Pack into a ramekin or custard cup. Weigh out the arrowroot powder and stir into the melted butters. A lavender body butter for night time use and a floral scented body butter with neroli oil for use during the day. Making your own will cut down on packaging waste that accumulates overtime from buying different brands. How to Make Lavender Body Butter in a Jar. Once the mixture is lukewarm add the lavender essential oil and whisk again. 7 oz This post contains affiliate links and ads. Place the cocoa butter and coconut oil in glass bowl. To make more, you can double the ingredients. For the gift set, use old glass jars. Step 1 In a medium bowl mash together butter and lavender. 1. Recipe by PalatablePastime. Below are a few reasons why you should consider making your own: For this recipe, I am using 2 main ingredients, food grade cocoa butter, coconut oil and lavender essential oil from doTerra. Place the bowl in the fridge for 30 to 45 mins or until the mixture is semi hard. Tip: make sure no water gets into the mixture as it will cause the lavender body butter to expire quickly. Remove from glass bowl from the heat and allow it cool down a little (usually 10 mins). The 11 Best Whipped Body Butter Recipes. I can attest every ingredient in this homemade body butter recipe provides intense moisturizing benefits, that your skin will literally drink up! The body butter is now ready for use whenever you need it! DIY Whipped Body Butter Ingredients: 6 tablespoons shea butter; 6 tablespoons cocoa butter; 1/2 cup coconut oil; 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil; 1 tablespoon vitamin E oil; 1/2 teaspoon lavender … Place 16 ounces of lavender butter into a large mixing bowl. The next time you buy jam, do not throw away the jar, use it as a container for your homemade natural beauty products. Smear butter on warm biscuits or scones or on toasted whole grain bread. Homemade Whipped Body Butter Recipe. Body butter recipe using essential oils. Place bowl over a pot of hot (not boiling) water and melt ingredients together. This recipe will make about 1 cup of homemade whipped lavender body butter, which should last a month if used regularly. with StudioPress Themes. Let the balm containers sit on the counter for 24 hours to firm up. Ingredients for two 125ml (4.23oz) pots 18g (0.63oz) Beeswax 40g (1.4oz) Shea butter 110g (3.88oz) Sweet almond oil 1/8 tsp High IU Vitamin E oil 1/4 tsp French Lavender essential oil. If you are struggling to sleep, have you tried using a homemade lavender body butter? Submit a Recipe Correction Advertisement. All you need are 2 main ingredients, a range of essential oils to use over time and an old sterilised glass jar. Sweet Almond Oil) 1 Tablespoon Vitamin E (squeeze from a capsule) 1 Teaspoon Corn Starch (reduces greasiness and helps butter set) 20-25 drops of pure Lavender Essential Oil; How to Make Lavender Aromatherapy Body Butter Microwave a large bowl … Which means it is a natural, chemical free, non toxic product. How to Make the Best DIY Vanilla Body Butter, Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2020, Shows to Watch on Netflix for Homeschoolers, Best Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video & Disney+, 99 Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix, Hulu & Prime Video. Your purchase will help keep them in business and ensure that you are still getting a body butter that is natural, handmade and chemical free. Orchid Extract; 6 mL Lavender Fine Essential Oil; 1 oz. Homemade gifts made using natural ingredients go down really well. When the oils are … Like most lifestyle bloggers, I am a mom, I work full time in the environmental sector and I started blogging out of my passion to achieve an eco-friendly, green and natural lifestyle. You can also pipe little star shaped butter pieces and freeze on waxed paper on a hard pan in freezer, then pop off and store in a ziplock bag in freezer.
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