"As if she needs to have her head any larger than her bossom," Apollo heard Artemis mumble. He ran his knuckles across her face. The sun god's mind wandered to that beautiful nymph Apollo loved with all his heart: How her skin looked softer than the clouds and how her hair was reminiscent of the green vines that grapes hung from; how her eyes were as intoxicating as Dionysis's wines and how her legs and arms always swung with a gentle grace Apollo never saw before; how Daphne's refusal of him made Apollo go mad with desire and how her final transformation had made him go mad with despair. So one day, I trotted over and discovered, with a startled gasp, that there are no--well, two--Apollo/Hyacinth fictions. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. With some more action and adventure to give it that AO3 glam. loved by Apollo was in arms of another lover seen by Apollo's bird Shot by Apollo and died "Oh! Her eyes sparkled with the color of the sky and her limbs were like the branches of a tree. Learn Apollo wandered in the forest, looking for something to either distract him from his thoughts or inspire him into singing. The drops of blood that fell from his head yielded the flower hyacinth. She knew nothing of giving one's heart to another. In the Eurotas valley and its surrounding mountains the divine seems palpable. But she soon reverted to her own anger. Filed under IFTTT ao3feed fanfic percico nico di angelo percy jackson pjo. Does she not have the same face and the same length of hair and the same color of skin? Apollo sung of Hyacinthus to the tune of his lyre and caused a flower to arise from his blood. Thomas Bulfinch's myth, "Apollo and Hyacinthus," recounts the friendship between Phoebus and Hyacinthus that accidentally ends in Hyacinthus' fatality. Apollo slowly looked back at his sister. Hyacinthus The mythical story of Hyacinthus by Emma M. Firth. He is the immortal husband of Apollo, and the two are utterly devoted to one another.He was once human, but he was killed by Zephyros because the god loved him unrequitedly. The literary myths serve to link him to local cults, and to identify him with Apollo. Sebuah kisah dengan Eunsang sebagai Apollo dan Junho sebagai Hyacinth. Psyche smiled back at her. He didn't care a bit about her. Fantasy Apollo Greek Mythology Greek God Hyacinth Major Character Death... Apollo, the most popular of the famed Greek Olympians, has been feeling lonely. Then I shall return and we can have some fun.". "A lot of fun?" "And that is where I come in?" Ha ha! "It was far from your fault. And as pretty as their songs are in return, he just can't handle them anymore. Apollo and Hyacinthus. "Artemis asked you to make Apollo fall in love? After all, a beautiful boy was a rare flower, found only once in a lifetime, especially a beauty such as him. He needed to hear that someone liked something he could create. Apollo forgot the words he was supposed to say as the proper son. Aphrodite pulled away. He held a hand out. Eros asked. "Because the last time I did, it was a complete disaster" Eros explained. And he didn't miss Daphne. Apollo, as did most of his fellow gods, had that effect on mortals. Eros sat up, using one bent arm as a pillar to hold him in his position. Apollo licked his lips as he spied a rather pretty young woman as she kneeled at one of his altars. And the flowers on the ground. Does she not appear the same age?" So one day, I trotted over and discovered, with a startled gasp, that there are no--well, two--Apollo/Hyacinth fictions. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. ", Aphrodite's smile dissapeared as she nodded. November 2020. And when he was done with her, Apollo felt quite satisfied. (Hyacinthus). Psyche nodded. It's where your interests connect you with your people. He needs help.". Look at the one you were gazing upon not minutes before!" Three of the “Homeric Hymns” are dedicated to him: the 21st and the 25th are short ones, but the 3rd is fairly long and beautiful. your own Pins on Pinterest If only they knew what was coming. Hyacinthus was a Spartan prince loved by both Apolloand Zephyros. "The kind god tries to warm you back to life, and next endeavors to attend your wound, and stay your parting soul with healing herbs. The Myth of Hyacinthus One day, upon a green hillside, Apollo saw another shepherd lad, who was playing upon a pipe, and making music which sounded like the sighing of the pine-trees. Apollo pulled his hand back. One day, Apollo was teaching Hyacinthus how to throw the discus and, on his striving to impress his lover, Apollo threw the discus with all his force. I have changed some stuff both in the plot and in my characters, so I'm rewriting this whole damn thing. Apollo et Hyacinthus, K. 38, is an opera written in 1767 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was 11 years old at the time.It is Mozart's first true opera (when one considers that Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots is simply a sacred drama). I’m I see why Apollo was in love with him now! "Sweet mortal, tell me," Apollo whispered, "what your name is.". Hyacinthus The mythical story of Hyacinthus by Emma M. Firth. ", Eros shook his head. Apollo kneeled by the pool. As long as mortal kept praying to these gods, they would keep their divine powers. Hyacinthus reflects on his relationship with Apollo. When Apollo and Hyacinthus are awoken by an angry Hera and Zeus and they decide to take advantage of the night hours. Those two deities were competing with each other who will gain the favor of the handsome young man. Was this a naiad? please, Hera/Zeus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), its meant to be but there are legit no tells, its meant to be cutesy for the first part, Apollo/Cassandra (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Eros/Psyche (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Aphrodite/Ares (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Apollo/Cyparissus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Cassandra (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Cyparissus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), I mean does it count if they are immortal, It does not happen between Apollo and Hyacinth, Rated T because i'm paranoid and just to be safe, and artemis is exhausted but loves her brother, and he couldn't save him and hates himself for it, Kim Taehyung | V & Park Jimin are Best Friends, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope & Kim Taehyung | V are Best Friends. ac-the-brain-supreme does not own this myth or the characters of this myth. Supplement your lesson with one or more of these options and challenge students to compare and contrast the texts. No, he couldn't think of Daphne. Eros asked his mother to continue with the plan, which the love goddess did with a smile. The boy smiled. The Myth of Hyacinthus One day, upon a green hillside, Apollo saw another shepherd lad, who was playing upon a pipe, and making music which sounded like the sighing of the pine-trees. The crimson-haired god let his eyes slid nearly closed. Apollo came upon the pond and the beauty that it held. Let me see!" ", Aphrodite smiled. hyacinth apollo greekmythology greek love romance hyacinthus brigette purple tasha leadership artemis flowers angst bl mystery teen lgbt fiction fantasy 91 Stories Sort by: Hot That was what Apollo thought as he left the mortal girl he had spied before. CommonLit has identified one or more texts from our collection to pair with Apollo and Hyacinthus, based on similar themes, literary devices, topic, or writing style. "Mother, I have returned.". But the ending killed me. Apollo's son took over the role of god of medicine, more successful than his father. His skin was lightly colored from many hours in the sun, running and playing and farming and training. The mortal in the glass was blonde and washing in a pond, golden hair wet and slick from the crystalling water. Words: 8958, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English. "Dear sister," Apollo began, flinging back some of his crimson bangs with a deft move of his wrist, "how can you call this torture? Ask Apollo if he can predict all questions on your math test 6 . What did Artemis know of love anyway. The most celebrated of his loves were the nymph Daphne, princess Coronis, huntress Cyrene and youth Hyacinthus. your own Pins on Pinterest According to a different myth, it was Zephyrus who caused the death of the young man; jealous of his affair with Apollo he blew the discus to Hyacinthus ' head, killing him. His mind mapped out the torso and the sword-weilding arm and the two legs of a constellation. However, he was struck by the discus and died. I love the pairing of Nico/Ethan so I was okay it's okay Apollo but then I already knew about Luke an Percy. Hyacinthus – Rick Riordan. The sun god blinked, then smiled. Apollo could not stand anymore of this. d. Apollo and Hyacinthus A POLLO was passionately fond of a youth named Hyacinthus. Steal Apollo's bow and arrow , and start shooting random people with it 5 . Apollo brought his beauty into an embrace and kissed him again. I am super excited, however this is my first fic and I don’t have everything worked out yet, however, I think I have enough motivation to where my ADD doesn’t make me drop it... heh... Also, I’ll be adding songs that I listened to for each chapter if you wanna listen while reading as well! Who else hated the ending of the myth about Apollo and Hyacinthus? Follow. Eros nodded. Apollo was the Olympian god of prophecy, music, poetry, healing and archery. He looked back at Psyche, who gave her husband a supporting smile. That he no longer respects what it was like to have love, if even for that brief a moment." Hyacinth /ˈhaɪəsɪnθ/ or Hyacinthus is a divine hero and a lover of Apollo from Greek mythology. … "I have a perfect idea" Aphrodite said. "She worries for her brother's happiness. I'm currently rewriting an old fanfic, that I don't quite like anymore. Maybe there was someone nearby to sing to. Legend of the Hyacinth. It was in that mirror that Aphrodite found the targets of her son's arrows, and it was in that mirror that an image was slowly appearing. Apollo closed his eyes. ‘Apollo and Hyacinthus’ was created in 1771 by William Hamilton in Neoclassicism style. He did not wish to see Artemis in pain, especially pain he himself had caused. Anyway, I just love the myth of Apollo and Hyacinth (or Hyacinthus; I use Hyacinth). (Hyacinthus) Saved by Carlos The Scientist. Artemis came to me yesterday. Apollo love Hycinthus more than life itself...and more than death...-This work join Link. Drug Apollo until he's unconsciousness 4 . His skill is no advantage, for the wound is past all art of cure. Especially after being with yet another woman. While playing a game of quoits with Apollo, Hyacinthus was killed by a jealous Zephyros. #greek mythology #apollo #hyacinthus #admetus #pjo #hoo #toa #stop erasing the gays #greek gods #artemis #percy jackson and the olympians #heroes of olympus #trials of apollo #lgbt #gays 1,985 notes theimpossiblescheme Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. "Wait! Apollo sighed and smiled, the mortal doing the same. Death of Hyacinth by Alexander Kiselev. Apollo gently pushed his lips onto the blonde's. Apollo's eyes widened. When you revealed that Nico was the reincarnation of Cyparissus and Hyacinthus Percy. He was considered to be the companion of both the Greek god Apollo and Zephyrus, the god of the winds.Those two deities were competing with each … It is one of the earliest translation of androgyny because two men doesn't have beard and impose almost perfect feature: they looked my girls and their stature had superb masculine features. Apollo felt his heart leap again when his bright gold eyes connected with the pale blue eyes of the mortal before him. Someone who could appreciate the songs he had to offer. I present to all you other greek nerds, “Flowers for Hyacinthus”! Apollo also wooed a beautiful young man, Hyacinthus. Solangelo is the slash ship between Will and Nico from the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles fandom. Yay! They enjoy it. He leaned against Apollo, and whispered the name that the god so longed to hear. Apollo and Hyacinth share one last morning together before tragedy strikes. He just couldn't. No, they rarely wandered from Artemis's forest. I fear that this is only a way for you to run away from your pain. ", Eros walked into his mother's plotting room. I give them reason to worship us all, especially our dear sister Aphrodite.". Apollo was guided by that sound, and soon another. Apollo plucked the all too familiar strings as he stared lovingly into the eyes of the beautiful mortal man before him. Replace Hades's lucky charm with a halberd and say Apollo did it 2 . They reflected the many years of worry Artemis had felt for her little brother. Sandals were made of the same material and fingerless gloves decorated the boy's hands and forearms. Apollo felt a smile decorate his face as he the sounds became louder and more clear. malexmale, hendery, fanfic. In his grief, Apollo refused to let Hadestake Hyacinthus away, and instead transformed Hyacinthus' corpse into a flower - the hyacinth. ... Apollo (aka Perseus) has taken interest in a new mortal, Hyacinthus (aka Nico) A retelling of the myth of Apollo and Hyacinthus. Eros opened his mouth to say something, but Aphrodite suddenly remembered her mirror. I present to all you other greek nerds, “Flowers for Hyacinthus”! Tonight he would feast on that girl's flesh and feel her breath on his neck. In this short story, Bulfinch retells the classic myth about Apollo, the god of music, and his affection for a young man named Hyacinthus. This is just wonderful, Dear!" Eros looked upon his wife. Apollo's lips twitched upwards when he saw the youth's arms rise into the air. Work Search: Hyacinthus blinkes drearily as Apollo hovered above him, crying. Psyche giggled. He wore her branches because they looked nice with his hair. The woman he was lying beside twitched, then opened an eye. *I only own Aurora and her character. But Zephyrus, the West Wind, also loved the youth and, shunned, was consumed by jealousy. Or: Icarus and the ocean but instead of Poseidon its Amphitrite. Her eyes were clenched shut and her face was twisted in the pain that her younger brother had caused her. "Brother," Artemis continued, dark blue hair wafting behind her as she advanced on the younger diety, "you must not go through with this torture. Hyacinthus was a Spartan prince loved by both Apolloand Zephyros. Artemis asked. He felt great warmth and energy pass through his flesh and enter his ever-flowing bloodstream. His cult at Amyclae, where his tomb was located, at the feet of Apollo… He enjoyed these rare moments of sincerity that his mother occasionally possessed. Oneshot ngắn cho thấy một lí do khác vì sao Apollo lại giết Achilles. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. "I do not speak of the young ladies. Apollo drew near and stood before the shepherd. This page describes his many liaisons. Aphrodite guided Eros to a nearby mirror that hung on the wall of Aphrodite's "plotting room", as the goddess had dubbed it.