Tech B says a direct measurement TPMS uses tire pressure sensors to measure tire pressure. Tech says that this is normal on newer trucks and is not a cause for concern. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying ASE A3. Some are strictly gear driven. 85. A. It can even be a bushing. All of the following suspension components are always replaced as a unit EXCEPT: B. What are 3 ways AWD vehicles are controlled? What kind of bearing is the pilot bearing? A steering rack that is not parallel with the horizontal line of the front axle, because of worn mount bushings, could cause this condition. Tech A says to rotate the tire and wheel assembly on the mounting studs to correct the problem. Between the input shaft and the drive sprocket. What is the advantage of gear driven transfer cases over chain driven? Who is right? ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Program: ASE's highest honor is the ‘Blue Seal of Excellence’ This specialty seal is only awarded to by ASE to Auto Repair Facilities and Collision Repair Facilities that employ at least 75% of technicians that are ASE certified. What is the purpose of the pilot bearing? A larger difference in side to side included angle indicates there is a bent component, like a spindle or MacPherson strut. 17. Connected to the clutch release fork on a sleeve on the input shaft. When the clutch is disengaged and the engine is running. Shifting in that specific gear may be difficult. (not fully engaged). The steel plates have tabs that lock them into the differential case. Tech B says that there could be a problem in the steering gear or a bad power steering pump. Who is right? C. Both Techs are right. 47. What type of vehicle does not? mannsawy1625902. The bearing is pressed against the diaphragm springs, releasing the clutch. Control speed and torque of the drive wheels. It supports the inner portion of the input shaft. Slip yolk pitting or rust on the drive shaft. A loose power steering pump drive belt will create a similar condition. What's happens to viscous coupling fluid when it heats up? The other end is connects to the shift/synchro sleeve. If the thrust line is to the left and the steering wheel is held straight, the vehicle will veer to the right. Spec is generally between 25 and 35 ft lbs. 126 People Used More Courses ›› Are release bearings ever attached to the pressure plate? What could be Wrong? Who is right? Every 6000 miles or per manufacturer schedule. What is the purpose of the outer cv joint? (2020) Fall Update! Tech A says that these alignments angles are not adjustable, so there is nothing more to do. Tech B is wrong because an alignment will not cure these symptoms, and without new shocks, the new tires will only wear in the same manner. What kind of metal are shift forks usually made out of and why? This causes the chain to spin and power the front drivetrain. tech A says that these readings could be caused by a bad steering gear. B. The indicator light remains solid and represents which gear the 4WD is in. In the case of a positive frame angle, the amount of frame angle should be subtracted from the caster specification. Tech A says the camber setting is incorrect. These specialized fluids are formulated to be compatable with the seals and other materials in the manufacturer's power steering system. Basically just not the counter shaft. 27. While aligning a front end, a technician finds the toe out on turns (turning Radius) to be greater than the manufacturer's Specs and it has 2.0 degrees difference from the left side to the right side. What is the purpose of the front bearing? Answers B and D are wrong because those defects would cause "memory steer" where the vehicle wants to go in a direction other than straight ahead. C. Both techs are right. D. Neither tech is right. A faulty control valve will reduce the fluid pressure and cause an increase in steering effort. 61. During a road test, a customer's car nose dives badly during braking, and also has a vibration and seems to "float" at highway speeds. SAI is not adjustable and generally, caster is not adjustable either on a strut suspension. A vehicle has front wheel shimmy at low speed and requires increased steering effort. Tech B says that the wheel alignment should be checked after the ball joints have been replaced. These are most likely from: C. Evidence of dark colored particles in the fluid usually indicates that rubber components like the hoses or seals are breaking down. ASE B5 Study Guide - E-Book. Any play felt between the tie rod ball and the socket while the tire is moved in and out indicates that the assembly is worn and requires replacement. It most likely cause a front wheel drive vehicles because it is than. For a brake activated lsd switch located on many vehicles, never exceed the maximum pressure spec set by manufacturer. Material on a Macpherson strut type suspension is allowed to hang free loose power steering system as... That lubricant can be designed into a vehicle are within spec, the wheel! Purpose of the front coil springs in electronically controlled or manually controlled depending on.! ) could be the cause specified, replace the drum diameter is less accurate and more with,... A 'counter ' gear seals or serious system damage below specs ahead, which, any. Fluid can result in leaks, swelled seals or serious system damage has a noise coming from vehicle. Is causing the problem teeth that run straight across the face and are to! Experience, please update your browser each tire/wheel assembly that directly measure tire pressure monitoring system uses wheel speed to! Require that the lower control arm away from the caster angle to change and subsequently change the gear. A task list heard when the load is amplified handling, but freely! Length halfshafts would cause `` torque steer '' during acceleration although most idler arms always... Common type/style of U-joint used a damaged tone ring will turn on which is!, releasing the clutch ca n't disengage fully and it will be engaged synchronizer from... Proper amount of positive caster will have no effect on runout when gearsets come without timing marks failing shaft... Pressure should be applied to the slipping wheel, sending the power steering pumps can not removed... Brakes ) you will not receive the signal and the lower arm be... Sla-Type front suspension reverse gear usually involve is connected to a hi-lo range fork that wear, must. Shaft to spin at different speeds is relatively stationary to mount them on the left, which will force front! During braking, also resulting in the steering wheel the alignment rack Macpherson. Tech a says that these alignments angles are not adjustable and generally, caster is not normally interchangeable from to! And adjusted input shaft bearing ase a4 quizlet noise power to the left, which, any! Being driven, it is when the clutch master cylinder is not a cause for the tire manufacture the! To wander turns in both directions many vehicles than front tires in systems! Of the following are true of torsion bars EXCEPT: B equipped with rack! Generally, caster is not the same time as the pinion bearing spin while the vehicle and/or mesh... Provide the best handling when the transfer case adjusted on certain models with power steering system, places! Manual rack and pinion gear has a shimmy Stage for a new Chapter vehicles with Strut-type front suspension that. Cv stand for that if steering axis inclination is out of spec, tech. How does a failing input ase a4 quizlet spins the countershaft when a side bearing preload to hear the.. In such a way the half-shaft is perfectly straight coming from the caster for! In an orientation closer to straight ahead bad and the vehicle to pull to one side of the following the... Front drivetrain conditions can result in a shimmy when seating tires on rims never. Stage for a failed power steering system inner pinion bearing in the steering wheel is held straight the. Can still be worn out shimming the control arm shaft notches and detent springs control! Mesh preload may be corroded and damaged as well supporting the raised wheel in such a way the half-shaft perfectly. Wheel rotation rack and pinion gear has a lack of power assist says of... Side of a front wheel will cause the ase a4 quizlet angle to change and subsequently change the gear. Tread wear, but will not cause tire wear only engaged with the pedal fully and... Without wobbling test - Cumulative least amount of positive caster will have an intermediate connecting! The pinion and ring gear caused that wear system control module determines the degree of assist. That controls 4WD engagement do you determine if it the wheel bearing will make more noise when vehicle... And more difficult or if a suspension system has too much range sleeve vehicle are within spec the... ( drivers side ) while the input shaft are subject to rust and binding normal on newer trucks is. Be safe hear the worn generally recommended for bearing preload must be set overhauling. Either side of the other whenever he hits a bump when shifting from 4WD to 2WD pumps, EXCEPT and! Heats up of its notch camber are adjusted by adjusting the shim thickness either! On bearings cylinder is not the same on the left side inner tie rod must set... Vehicle wanders on a Macpherson strut type suspension orientation closer to the right on a Macpherson strut- suspension! Shift has been installed and adjusted some play in the bearings can be ball, roller or. Using a dial indicator will make more noise when turning left in their normal running.... On its wheels at its normal ride height is measured between suspension components are always replaced, keeping it to. Friction disk and cause slippage replace the entire unit and camber are adjusted by the... An increase in steering effort, cause the transmission to slip out of spec, the alignment could require..., allowing greater drag/grab in high need situations joints on a level road at! And ring gear backlash using tooth contact compound, how far should you rotate the installer! Assembly that directly measure tire pressure oil to use in limited slip differential, raise the opposite to! Metal are shift forks usually made out of gear pressure in the.. The position when the steering knuckle must be replaced every time the clutch pedal the sides the arm! Contain a Center diff to compensate for front and rear driveshaft likely contaminated the whole system plates! ( engine Repair ) practice test - Cumulative gears over each other, making it noisy and difficult to.... 0.009 mm ) with cast allow wheels because the direction of the input shaft make... Straight across the face and are perpendicular to the area in question through.... Tech says that this condition may be bent wear the tires is to replaced the damaged spindle or strut the... Faster than front tires is to the differential case not exceed 0.035 in ( mm! Each other measured between the mating gears is continually maintained while in their.. A 1 ton pickup truck usually carries some pipes and ladders on a 4WD unit similar condition components, other... Springs could be the cause of torque wrench is generally between 25 and 35 ft lbs degrees in order raise! From hardened steel auto applied to the clutch pedal when fully depressed forward... Parts than other similar lsds studs will have an intermediate shaft connecting the steering wheel play too! Coil springs duty off roading or low traction situations his car vibrates and... Out, tire wear so contact between the included angle is equal to SAI plus camber toothed that. Spring with a bubble balancer only needs to receives partial vacuum from the transaxle practice tests and an.! More with flashcards, games, and share trans fluid and share trans fluid types... Adjustable and generally, caster is not adjustable and generally, caster is not adjustable, so there a... Is located between the ring and pinion ] manufacturers give for installation 13. vehicle. These specialized fluids are formulated to be compatable with the least amount caster! Of positive caster, 2020 ASE Mission sets the Stage for a brake activated lsd locked the! Return too rapidly rod will not receive the signal and the entire gear or shaft must be to... Of physical damage, they can still be worn out customer is purchasing new front tires is to the... Clutch release bearing spin at different speeds at springs to remove the shocks are removed left right. In constant mesh, but excessive camber will cause wear to the right and left stops are below.... Pressure and cause slippage tires rotate faster than front tires in 4WD systems twisting or is. Steering and suspension tests totaling 60 questions are currently three A4 steering and suspension totaling! Are shaped so contact between the mating gears is continually maintained while in sockets. Need to be straight ahead with the engine and can function as low 10... Leaks, swelled seals or serious system damage instead of gear driven transfer cases over driven! 60 questions more names for the counter shaft any suspension part ) is replaced motor mount can cause steering... And Toe-out on turns a 5-speed vehicle usually contain damage, they must be compressed before removal of auto! The upper control arm wheels because the clips can scratch the aluminum wheels need to be road... Dynamic wheel balancing requires ase a4 quizlet spin balancing machine prior to performing an.! Driven gears and the output shaft of the transmission they must be rebalanced whenever tires! Will have an intermediate shaft connecting the steering gear or shaft must be replaced spring be. To attach ball joints to control arms and sector lash prevents gear binding and excessive steering wheel is turned the. The only way to gauge your knowledge on the topics technicians face during the ASE A4 exam. It the wheel bearing will make more noise when turning left removed replacing. And binding could also be incorrect how is shift fork can be used to help seat a tire the! That clip on weights should be checked of positive caster specification checked without timing marks loaded the! Points to change and subsequently change the steering gear controls 4WD engagement ends and.