I think it's a misconceived notion that "currently and at the moment"cannot be used in the present simple. And at this moment in time, she's just as brilliantly oblivious as she ever was. At the moment in a sentence. Sentence Diagrams of Present Progressive. Random good picture Not show. There she sat for a few moments, gasping for breath. Examples of this moment in a sentence: 1. 13 In a moment of blind panic she had pulled the trigger and shot the man dead. It was so at this moment. From this moment on, AK was treated as hostile military force. After a few moments, he glanced up at her. click for more sentences of … Meaning of at this moment in time. Examples of moment in a sentence: 1. At ten years old, Jon at han was almost as tall as she was. Moments sentence examples. Such thinking is fashionable among right-wing politicians at the moment. For example, "He's asleep at the moment". I've got a lot on at the moment. "At the moment" means right now. 3. In fact, she almost seemed to increase her pace to a jog, with Becky following suit a moment after her. She was this moment in the ruins. 16 examples: A configuration may be understood as the sets of words that are present in any… In a moment silence seemed to mantle upon the hall. That Asher's mind would have also been on Elohim, For myself I could hold it in my account with God to find such an euthanasia for you, even, Nobody made serious complaint about the lamb trade but the sheep phase was debacular. The answer is, there is no consolation at this moment. At sentence examples. 31. 2. 2. Her instinct told her that an appeal to his affection, The interests of the French crown, endangered, Does not my brother, the paleface, know where he is, Cedric was no ready practiser of the art of dissimulation, and would, I mean that the great devil of the universe may be sitting on the top tower of this castle. : Karlsson argues that at the moment most developers create routine products by themselves, perpetually reinventing the wheel. 4. The real lover returning, enters at this moment, and produces the ring which she had once given him in sign of her betrothment. At this moment, a lot like they did last season. It would be easy to have negative feelings at this moment in time but I think you only hurt yourself and become bitter and resentful. He's not sure about the idea at the moment, but I'm sure we'll win him over in the end. The ice had pressed a death mask on the convulsed features and held them in the moment of agony. "In the moment" means with a special focus on the present time. But at the moment he was not himself. At any r at e, today was no different. Grammatically correct sentence checker online and punctuation corrector are the best option available on the web at the moment, and you can rely on these tools anytime you write a text! 54. It would be easy to have negative feelings at this moment in time but I think you only hurt yourself and become bitter and resentful. 2. 51. 32. The phrase 'at the moment' is another way of saying 'now' or 'at present': 'I can't deal with that at the moment, I'm too busy.' Our duty, my dear, is to rectify his mistake, to ease his last moments by not letting him commit this injustice, and not to let him die feeling that he is rendering unhappy those who... 17. If consumer knows only, be fleeciness cotton at this moment, the person that be sold possibly again is shoddy. moment example sentences. How to use at that very moment in a sentence. "At This Moment" is a song that was first recorded by Billy Vera & The Beaters in 1981 during a string of performances at the Roxy in West Hollywood (January 15–17) and featured on their self-titled live album, Billy and the Beaters, released that year on the American subsidiary of Japan's Alfa Records. - More than this, it was… at this moment phrase. From this moment on, it is your challenge as well, " he said. A moment later, she heard a thudding noise that sounded as though the train wheels had jumped the track and were now riding on the wooden ties. From this moment on, Sheen is styled " Venerable Servant of God ." 15 In a moment of madness, I agreed to have the party at my house. : And at this moment in time, she's just as brilliantly oblivious as she ever was. How to use at this moment in a sentence. See And so / too. Just at this moment the door opened, and Miss Baby herself, looking most annoyingly handsome, put in her head. Carl, in the moment of silence that intervened, suddenly hurled the boat hook with all his strength. At the moment in a sentence up(1) down(3) Sentence count:264+41Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13. But I can hardly believe that you are serious, for I have fifty, Gania, little as he felt inclined for swagger, Venning was a dark young man, about thirty-two years of age, very slapdash and confident in his manner, although, As for money, I have hardly a copeck about me, I can bear anything but the uncertainty you leave me in. 51. 2. She's on the telephone at the moment. He loses all who loses the moment. (26) I mean, how many would-be students are actually bringing in the harvest, (27) I believe we have a diversified government, a coalition or transition, (28) He was blond with deep-set brown eyes which looked troubled, (29) That is why the waiting lists are falling by record amounts, (30) It was quite clear to them that they were. 93. In a moment silence seemed to mantle upon the hall. 48. at the moment in a sentence - Use "at the moment" in a sentence 1. It's difficult to see from this moment on in a sentence . I think what Dustin would do at this moment is . The not at this moment list of example sentences with not at this moment. 18. Definition of at this moment in time in the Definitions.net dictionary. I am currently working/ I currently work in a computer company. It's difficult to see at this moment in a sentence. Sentence Examples. 33. 106. Examples of very moment in a sentence, how to use it. Example sentences with the word moment. At this moment we all need peace, stability and patience. 83. which of the following is the effect that Quinlen creates by repeating the word ENORMOUS in this following sentence "perhaps they understand it at this moment, when ENORMOUS tragedy, as it is so often does, demands a time of reflection on ENORMOUS blessings."? for a moment (ten minutes, a week, ... ¹A tag question can also occur with a negative main sentence and a positive final question: They aren't working tonight, are they? The at this moment list of example sentences with at this moment. Examples of given moment in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: What makes me one person at this very moment? "No, she is working tonight." There is a moment in every battle at which the least maneuver is decisive and gives superiority as one drop of water causes overflow. 20. 3. The Manager isn't available at the moment. 14. And at this moment, the duchess's berline having drawn up at the steps, she entered it. 94. : Japan is, for all intents and purposes, our strongest ally in Asia at the moment. What does at this moment expression mean? She straightened and smiled at him. Each moment in history is a fleeting time, precious and unique. 20. Examples of the moment in a sentence: 1. At the/this moment/present moment definition: You use expressions such as at the moment , at this moment , and at the present moment to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Humour at this moment? Every moment is precious. : Unfortunately we have not received any of the payments that are due to us at this moment in time. My colleagues are satisfied about the oil price at the moment, 2. 92. At this moment, our goal is still 30, 000, At this moment, a press-ganged into the army. The health-care system is in transition at the moment. (4) At this moment a car stopped at the house. Only at this moment are the time sta The house is being built at the moment. (1) At this moment of success I found only an unreasoning sense of futility. Compare your response to the feedback by clicking the "Check" or the "Check 9-15" button. 3. 17 She’ll be by in a moment and you can see her. The phrase 'at the moment' is another way of saying 'now' or 'at present': 'I can't deal with that at the moment, I'm too busy.' 16 I will return to this problem in a moment. Someone at this moment handed Kent Desormeaux a cellular telephone. Similar words: for the moment, at this moment, moment, momentum, in a moment, at the mercy of, not to mention, at that time. 38. At the/this moment/present moment definition: You use expressions such as at the moment , at this moment , and at the present moment to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 138+1 sentence examples: 1. Select the response from the list that best completes the sentence. At this moment, the mounted escort turned and rode away. Examples of at this moment in time in a Sentence. I don't have any money at the moment. At this moment he saw a cab at the top of the Faubourg Poissonniere. moment 1. 14 In a moment her eyelids flickered, then opened. thanks in advance and sorry for my mistakes. Every moment is precious. At this moment in a sentence. He was not hurt at all. Examples of moment in in a sentence: 1. I'm not saying that the youngster will get to the same level as the Frenchman but he is certainly on course to, We may have run the world champions close in all three Tests but that is little consolation right, The climate for favourable penalty treatment will never be better than it is, It's an almost comically absurd exploration of where humans are morally and spiritually positioned, As a result out of the 50 small-scale units set up there only 20 are running. From this moment … 2. Britten's score breaks off at bar 30, just at the moment of the return to the tonic. RELATED ( 1 ) at this time for example. at-the-moment example sentences. 32. Is this correct? Looking for sentences with "at this moment in time"? 3. 2. And at this moment, surreality may be preferable to reality. Example sentences with the word at-the-moment. How to use at-the-moment in a sentence. (6) I can well imagine the atmosphere at home, (24) The buildings were tenements, normally crowded with people, many of whom were. (25) He could see it on the river, off to his left. At this moment, his face mostly showed self-loathing. : Clubs that are taking part in the upcoming drama competition are busy in rehearsals at the moment. Sentence examples for at this moment for example from inspiring English sources. It was not the moment. 2. But if you want to tell that Helen is depressed now, can you use "at this moment"? A moment later, the buzzer went off, signalling the end of the game, and a win for my team. What does at this moment in time mean? 2. A few minutes l at er they all marched in and took their places at the table. Tell me this moment who it was. 26. At this moment, they are legally authorized to do so. This moment is enough. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. 3. But Pete is so far ahead of everyone at the moment. We are fortunate to be alive at this moment in history. ²Use emphasis in speech when contradicting or stating that the opposite is true: "I think Isabela isn't working tonight." at this moment in a sentence - Use "at this moment" in a sentence 1. 138+1 sentence examples: 1. Difference between "at the moment" and "at this moment" I usually read sentences such as "Helen is depressed at the moment". 18 In a moment … At the moment in a sentence. Improve your results with an auto sentence correction online now! Selena Gomez: It’s difficult for people to separate us, the Internet wants to freeze this moment in time and constantly repeat it. But has it also been endowed by our creator with a spiritual center, a soul, It's partly the strained atmosphere in Japan, I don't even think my brain is properly hinged inside my cranium, Unfortunately we have not received any of the payments that are due to us, Pointing up the severity of the challenge the aviation industry is currently facing, he said that, It's not everyday someone just offers you food, so good graces and manners were what he needed, I am pleased with the record yes, but my main feeling, It would be easy to have negative feelings, It's the past, and however rich and fascinating and full of mystery it may be, it's not what's happening, She seemed to be relearning that now and her most pressing ambition, For Ankara to allow a suicide bomber through to launch a flagrant attack, But the fact is that there is common ground with Moscow and Tehran to combat the biggest threat to all of us, What does the DPRK stand to gain for releasing two more captured Americans, No work needs to be done by the department, With the offence committed straight in front of the assistant referee, the Corsican's interest in the contest seemed certain to end, I would need to be a nut case to even consider, I shall not forget to write to you of the paintings I occasionally see, but, Count yourself lucky not to be a prisoner in the car. 128. 91. But it was only for the moment. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. At that moment Julia got up from her knees. She looked at him a moment in amazement. at this moment in a sentence - Use "at this moment" in a sentence 1. How to use moment in a sentence. 'At the moment we have no idea how much longer this will take.' The at that very moment list of example sentences with at that very moment. He's working as a teacher at the moment. : Miss Haig slammed the door behind her, but in the moment of doing it fieldstone caught the unspoken wish in her flashing eyes. (3) To opt out at this moment would be quite irrational. Here are some examples. Please look at the following sentences: He needs your help at the moment. 2. 'At the moment we have no idea how much longer this will take.' At this moment definition is - at this time : now. at. Temporarily (at the moment) or permanently? I'm tied up at the moment. How to use not at this moment in a sentence. Not a moment is to be lost. 13. 3. For example, "living in the moment" means paying special attention to what you're doing at that particular time, as opposed to looking back on … .. 2. How to use at this moment in a sentence. I'm sorry, she's tied up at the moment. 3. 3. Mrs. Wilson was a moment too late. Only an idiot or a charlatan would attempt anything of auguristic nature, If we take Korea and Iran as the major proliferating countries, There's a feelgood factor around the rugby country, I was thus the inheritor of competence, and ought to be, She cannot love him, or she could not be thinking of a paragraph in the newspaper, Of these, and so many more, Mr. cookson has, The mining district of Kootenay in British Columbia is the scene of much agitation, Mirandos was putting on the pedal, and we paused, I hear voices in all directions, and never have they been so distinct as, While speaking to Hal the steward had been plying a tin-opener, and, He had thin, mobile lips, which expressed friendship and curiosity, Her unharassed countenance showed it, especially when, as, Frank knew neither Mr. Percival nor Mr. nappie, and, She did not wish to be unkind, but her one absorbing idea, Her magnetism had never before been so much out of harmony with every sort of odylic emanation in the universe as, That vulgar girl is singing the castanet song in the second act, Had they been real chains they could have galled him no more than, The prince was an athlete, but the man holding him was, As for sleep, never at cockcrow was I more wakeful than, Not any better than her mistress, however, who, What would have been the result is doubtful, for, Then a skeleton key had been used, for there was the key in the lock, How I execrated that ill-starred jade, and the Dutch skiver, but for whom I might, Her office dress, slit at the bottom and displaying, Nothing could have been finer, athletically considered, than his attitude, True it is there are many feelings that actuate me, There was no one else at the camp in beechwood Forest, Never had the coffers of the Holy See been fuller than, If Nature had but finished him off, kindness might have been recognisable in his face, Suppose she let him see how direly she needed money, The electric storm that had been gathering broke, She was thining that the small plain face did not look quite as sour, Fourpence in Rothschild's pocket is safer than fourpence in the pocket of that woman who is crying stale shrimps in Skeldergate, Do you know, Jane, I have your little pearl necklace, He also laid out a farm, and broke up and cleaned some of the waste land, and, Personally, I am more interested in the kitchenette, They have come very near to the Cathedral windows, and, And dost thou not know where Linus is dwelling, Her sisterly tenderness could not but surmount other feelings, I can't tell you where Pinocchio's thoughts were, The problem of days' journeys was not pressing, What are the trends and fads enslaving us and enchaining us, Our American institutions have been friendly to her, and.