Shop Pit Boss Pro Series 1100-sq in Black Pellet Grill in the Pellet Grills department at Lowe' 14k Followers, 906 Following, 851 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Eric Wech (@fatstacksmokers) Why make this style of smoker, as opposed to, say, a drum smoker or something less involved? Meet the Pit Boss 1100 pro series pellet grill. We flip them over for a number of reasons, but the main one is to expose the good looking side of the tank. FatStack Customs 120 Gallon Tank Smoker. I think we’ve built 36 smokers since then, with more and more orders stacking up each day. This buddy of mine in the Valley had this terrible Harbor Freight wire welder in his backyard, and so one day I borrowed his helmet, and I pulled the trigger and made the worst weld I’ve ever made in my life, and I just immediately fell in love. We promise to sell your personal info to only the most reputable of spammers. If we have a large number of clients, your smoker may take longer. In a vertical smoker, the smoke and heat travel only in one direction, that is from bottom to the top. So I was like, “How is this going to pan out?” But I documented the build of that first one. Until we found Fat Stack Smokers. 1:12. Once the bones are in place — you got your firebox on, you’ve got the stack on — then you fit all your cooking grates, make sure they’re the right size. Same thing with ribs and sausages. I was like, “Hey, here’s this thing I’m building.” And by the time that one was finished, there were four more orders. Sign up for InsideHook to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday. Then you do all the finishing stuff: the damper for the stack, any shelves, grates, things like that. Finally, how did you learn how to do all this? The first step is locating a decent propane tank. Was this review helpful to you? Eric, Evil Genius at Fat Stack, worked with us to get the exact design that had haunted our deepest dreams. They also offer sizes of 250, 288, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon. For tips, tricks, barbecue events and classes, sign up for our newsletter. Same idea. It's free. Quick View. Both ‘ordinary’ smokers as well as reverse flow smokers. With regards to choosing the right smoker, my goal is always to build the smoker that’s going to do the job that you need it to do, whether that’s you in your backyard trying to make a couple of briskets for your family, or you trying to do 40 or more briskets for your restaurant. The process of ordering a smoker from us is pretty straightforward. The best tool for the job is what I’m always going to be after. Welcome to Parts USA Grills. There are a lot of smokers built already, and there are tons of models. Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop? The smoke cooks the meat as it passes through the stands. At 6 a.m., brisket goes into the smoker. Those "ears" help to draw hot air up into the smoke stack from front to back across the grate (uninterrupted flow). I built my smoker from an upright freezer and this stack works perfectly for my air control. How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Bakman recently got a big custom-built Fat Stack smoker, so he can cook ribs at the same time as brisket. Quick View. I was a bit skeptical at first that anyone would want a propane tank smoker in Los Angeles. Recommendations on where to go, what to do, who to see and what to wear throughout the Southland. Founded in 2016, we are focused on making the best barbecues, and helping more people achieve sweet, smoky perfection. They offer a 36” and 48″ Backyard ‘Octo’ Pits, a 90 gallon and 110 gallon for the home AND a 120 gallon tank smoker that is similar to the 500 and 1000 gallon ones. The user simply needs to plug in the smoker, adjust the settings, and allow it to do its work. It’s kind of like when you’re carving a pumpkin as a kid and you’re looking for that perfect surface with the large surface area, so you can carve a nice face. We have a huge in-stock inventory of nearly every brand grill part ever made. Well, our smokers are visually representing Central Texas — Austin and Hill Country — and that’s the best barbecue in the world, in my opinion. We first learned of Fat Stack earlier this year from Chicago Chef Brian Bruns, who ordered a 500-gallon behemoth from Wech for his new smokehouse, Flat & Point, after finding Fat Stack on Instagram. Like mentioned above. That’s the best part. From: $ 4,000.00. 11864 Sheldon St Unit K Sun Valley, CA 91352. It was very easy to install and improved the minute flow of my smoker. is a California Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on August 1, 2018. Is my data protected. We’ve sold to a guy in the Philippines, a guy in Mexico City, a client in the United Arab Emirates. We first learned of Fat Stack earlier this year from Chicago Chef Brian Bruns, who ordered a 500-gallon behemoth from Wech for his new smokehouse, Flat & Point, after finding Fat Stack on Instagram. Restaurant menu, map for Steak 'n Shake located in 53222, Milwaukee WI, 3140 N 124th St. Once you place your order, we’ll email you an order confirmation and invoice for your build. And while he’s attracted a huge following around California, his influence in the world of slow-cooked meats extends much farther. At least one valid email address is required. Buy the best product available. The type you choose will depend on how you intend to power the smoker. All of our smokers are hand built in Sun Valley, California. Then we mount the fire box by cutting another propane tank, and we weld that on. But the brisket that comes off Wech’s grills has a reputation for helping push a novice barbecuer toward the big leagues, so we recently visited Wech to learn more about his creations, how he got started and how to get your hands on a Fat Stack Smoker of your own. The smoke stack is the engine in your smoker. FatStack Customs I designed those myself. The Octos, which honestly make the best brisket I’ve ever had, have a shorter wait time, because we don’t have to locate the propane tanks in order to make them. Yes! Two 1 1/2" ball valves for easy air flow control. The biggest concern here is how to cut into your tank safely, so you can start cutting openings — doors, chimney, firebox, etc. Copyright © 2020 InsideHook. If pulled pork goes wrong, it’s kind of hard to tell unless something goes really wrong, because it’s a pretty forgiving cut. And if some readers wanted to try to make a Texas-style pit for themselves, how would they go about that? If someone’s planning to do this at home, I would recommend that they do their homework and are 100% certain that they’re not doing anything that endangers themselves or anyone else. FatStack Customs 750 Gallon Tank Smoker. Complete Catalog Dampers, Stacks, ... Smokers come in all shapes and sizes and are made from many different types of materials. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Once we receive your online order, we’ll contact you via email with an order confirmation. Most vertical smokers come with at least two cooking racks where you can place the pieces of meat or food. Fat Stack Smokers. If there’s any doubt, leave it to the pros. March 25 at 10:23 AM. Get InsideHook in your inbox. FatStack Customs 288 Gallon Tank Smoker. If you look at that tank over there, you can see how the feet of the propane tank are sticking up in the air like a dead bug. UDS Ugly Drum Lid Exhaust 2" Teardrop Flanged Vent Damper Builder Part 4.6 out of 5 stars 35. It’s gone crazy from there on out. I put it on my personal Instagram. Baked on high temp powder coat for long life and great looks. From: $ 4,100.00. On any given day, you’ll find Eric Wech hunched over a propane tank with a welder’s torch in hand, sparks flying, sweat dripping from the red and bearded face beneath his mask. Things are hard right now. commercial insulated smokers grill. The air and smoke should travel straight through without stalling. FatStack Customs 500 Gallon Tank Smoker. On the 20” x 40” smoker, this makes the lids a little easier to lift. $38.99. He was like, “I want to build an offset smoker. I’m doing this because I’m passionate about it, and that passion stems from two things: How much I love welding and how much I love barbecue. We’ll work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible. This model has the same dimensions of the `Standard ` Series Reverse Flow Smoker. The 250s and the 500s take a little longer, and a lot of people are interested in those because they like the aesthetic and because that’s what people are used to with Texas-style barbecue. If you want to build a 500, which is huge for your average person, you’ll need a 500-gallon tank. Please read our FAQ before sending us a message. Gas grill parts - original and replacement grill parts - Weber grill parts, DCS grill parts, Charbroil, Members Mark, Ducane, Charmglow, Perfect Flame, Brinkmann, Broilmaster, Sunbeam, Blue Ember Fiesta, Kenmore, Aussie, Fire Magic, MHP, Great Outdoors, Jenn-Air, Uniflame, and many more. It’s free. Quick View. Then I started making Texas-style pits around the same time that I met my business partner, Steve, and then I designed the Octos, and everything has just taken off from there. The 110. For me, barbecue and welding have always gone together. So I said, “Hell yeah,” and not long after that he was like: “You know, I’ve got this storage unit up in Sun Valley and I’ve got a couple of propane tanks in case you want to build a few smokers.”. The 120 is the smallest FatStack tank smoker, with a capacity of approximately six 12 pound briskets. Most of the major barbecue joints in that region of Texas use propane-style tanks, so ours are a reference to that. 1/8'' thick all new steel 2 LARGE racks 25 x 17 & 25 x 21 = 950 Sq. And awesome. Easy on the eyes, and at under $3k, easy on the old bank account, too. Slow smoked & sliced On the Side‎ ... little Yella Pils by Oskar blues moose drool by big sky brewing co. old chub by Oskar blues new glarus spotted co fat tire by New Belgium Then we move onto the process of mounting the stack. The thing with barbecue is that everyone has a certain thing they do, and they all claim that they do it best. But the thing about Central Texas is their brisket, and I tend to think that if you can do brisket in that style, you can do almost anything else. Do you know how?” And I was all excited because I’ve always loved barbecue. Shortly thereafter, we’ll get in touch again with an estimated build time and any questions we have with regard to your specific build. Quick View. How did you get started? The waiting list for a Fat Stack Smoker is long; like everything smoking-related, building one is a slow, deliberate and intensive process. 110 Gallon Octo Smoker. High temperature powder coating paint for good looks and long life. March 26 at 10:11 AM. That first one was over two years ago, in 2017. And it shows (to me anyways) that he has spent alot of time and found what works/flow wise for his design offset smokers. We accept cash, check or credit card here at our shop, and you can pay with credit card or Paypal on our site. Next. For orders shipped to other cities and states, please use the contact us form to request a quote. A little smoker theory. Could you walk us through the process? All rights reserved. The waiting list for a Fat Stack Smoker is long; like everything smoking-related, building one is a slow, deliberate and intensive process. It’s in Sun Valley, California, a suburban neighborhood of some 75,000 people just north of Burbank. Double Lid Smoker. Pay attention to how you want the meat to come out with your choice of a proper brine, marinade, rubs. 4" swivel casters on the contender models Can also be used as … A cool option is the Firebox griddle top. FatStack Smokers is a local bbq pit manufacturer in Los Angeles, California. The proper sizing of the various components is critical to ensure proper air flow, a clean-burning fire, and stable temperatures. # fatstack # custom # smokers # itsaboutthefire. Wech is the owner and founder of Fat Stack Smokers, a small company with a cult-like following that supplies some of the country’s best barbecue restaurants with custom Texas-style barbecue pits. Cult favorite Fat Stack Smokers is behind some of the nation's best barbecues. 1/4" not 1/8". Our finished smoker dubbed “Humungus,” will be handed down to generations of “Mad Millers” to smoke epic and delicious meats for eons to come. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 201821510623. If you know what size smoker you want, you just say: “Hey, I want a quote for, you know, like a 500-gallon smoker, or a 250-gallon, or an Octo.” But if you don’t know — and most people don’t — we can walk you through the whole process. I’m like, ‘Well, this is what I’m doing from now on.”. The first thing I made was a set of fenders, and the very next thing I made was a 55-gallon barbeque drum. The Carolinas have their pulled pork and Kansas City has its ribs. The only big difference is the material thickness. Turning out world class Texas-style brisket in your own back yard. And the last thing is, once everything is set up, you do a test cook. We are committed to just one idea: putting great bbq within your reach. And awesome. We got a 1000 Gallon Moberg Smoker - Creekside Cookers Wimberley, TX - Duration: 1:12. Because brisket is, I think, one of the most finicky pieces of barbecue to cook properly. $19.95. 32 talking about this. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Eric Wech and is located at 1803 N … Call us at – 310.933.2225 the custom built bbq trailer by garnet g. Slow smoked black angus brisket, green peppers & onions in our texas BBQ sauce Pork Loin Sandwich. Once that’s done, we put the thing onto a fabrication cart that raises it up to the height that it’s going to live when you’re actually using it, and we flip it upside down. Big ‘un. We just hit 15 states. 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Sure — there’s a few steps, but it’s fun and I definitely encourage people to try to make one for themselves if they’re interested in that sort of thing. g stacks professional smokers and pits. Fat Stack trades in a particular kind of offset smoker, a more robust pro-am kind of setup that goes far beyond traditional box and pellet smokers … 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful: Great for a smoker: May 7, 2018: For current lead time information, use the contact us form to send us a request. It might be done around midnight. InsideHook: Does Fat Stack have an origin story? It’s a great chance to see your new smoker in action, and familiarize yourself with the equipment. 2" space is insulated with 1" refractory insulation and 1" air gap. I mean, I knew they were popular elsewhere — it’s a big thing in Texas, obviously — but they’re kind of bulky for urban environments like Los Angeles, and it’s a big endeavor to make one. Creekside Cookers BBQ and Steaks 963 views. 9.5. The first step is just to contact us through email, website, phone, whatever. Most of our models are ready for pick up or delivery within two weeks. In. Fat Stack Smokers. 29 talking about this. I’m a big fan of the ordinary smoker. Fatstack Smokers, LLC. Depending on what kind of smoker you want, the wait time is anywhere from 3-to-6 months. So we get the thing up on a cart, carve out the doors, mount the hinges, and then once it’s open, we cut out a place for our cooking grates. I got into welding because another hobby of mine is off-roading and jeeps, and when you’re tricking out your truck, wanting to put bigger tires on it or whatever, you always have to move things around — move an exhaust pipe, for example — so I learned how to weld so I could do that. Apparently it doesn’t matter where you’re from, the concept of slow-cooking animal proteins next to a fire seems to be ingrained into what it means to be human. By draught I mean the amount of air being pulled through the smoker, measured in ft 3 /s, or m 3 /s if you use the metric system. special offers, and to find out when to stop by our shop. The second step is preparing the tank for fabrication. Calories from Fat 150 % Daily Value * Total Fat 17g: 26% Saturated Fat 6g: 30% Trans Fat 0g: Cholesterol 105mg: 35% Sodium 680mg: 28% Total Carbohydrate 1g: 0% Dietary Fiber 0g: 0% Sugars 0g: Protein 7g: Vitamin A 110%: Vitamin C 0%: Calcium 0%: Iron 40% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. But Wech’s workshop isn’t in Dallas or Austin or San Antonio. Special offers and product promotions.
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