This was our first RS Tour and we were not disappointed. It was fascinating. In Alberobello, we'll explore cone-shaped, stone trulli houses that are still lived in today. Loved the towns of Amalfi and Capri!". My fitbit read 8 - 12 miles of walking every day. Host and writer of over a hundred public television travel shows and author of 30 best-selling guidebooks, Rick now brings his passion for exploring and understanding our world to public radio. My boyfriend and I had spent two weeks prior to the tour in Greece and two weeks after in Florence. "There were many highlights, including Francesca's tour of the Capitoline museum (I shall never look at art again in the same way after learning her four Cs), the tour of the Adriatic coast in Viesta, MATERA and staying in a cave, the sunlit beauty of Positano, the spectacular history of Paestum, the Veiled Christ in Naples...just so much to absorb and learn and see! I feel changed - in GOOD ways. Francesca, Rome Italy, Capitoline Museum Suspect that he wished he retired a year earlier, "Salvatore driving. Holiday Sale: 50% off through 12/10/20 or while supplies last! Our first RS tour, and first time in Europe. Nine people are from the same family and 3 of us are named Cindy! And of course - some great food! All the caves in Matera were amazing!. This tour treats you to the slice of Italy that's richest in contrasts, from cities to beaches and from rugged to glamorous. "Going down into the sasso in Matera and suddenly being in another world, seemingly thousands of years old. Too bad. And, how could I was probably annoying for peppering her with so many questions. Visiting both big cities and small villages/towns was a great combination. All in all the tour was full of great sights, a great group and a wonderful guide. Create a SoundCloud account Sign in. Been on 5 Rick Steves tours (London, Paris, Rome, Ireland and Venice, Florence, Rome). Rick Steves provides top travel tips for budget travelers visiting Italy. More coming under separate cover. "My favorite "WOW" moment occurred on the Italian Unification Holiday of June 2nd. It was great. "Arriving in Vieste and seeing the sea from our hotel balcony. It was very physical - lots of walking and steps. This in reality is only an 11day tour. Also we had several food demonstrations and a meal with an Italian family. The places we visited were beautiful, the food delicious, and the local guides were fabulous! This was an amazing place to visit and see first-hand after studying all through our education what had happened here. Upon request our server got us the song and artist which I had never heard of. South of Italy had been on a back burner of my Bucket list for decades. Italy is just a wonderful country. My overall tour experience is very good but the pace was very fast and tiring. Jump to bottom. Planning ahead will make your free time much more memorable/enriching. This was my first Rick Steves Tour and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great group of tour members and fabulous Susanna as our guide! Overall experience: Outstanding! The bus was comfortable and our driver, Salvatore, did a great job navigating all the crazy traffic and roads, especially along the Amalfi coastline. We'll continue our education with a visit to a rock-hewn church and a look at the new town. "John loves food and talking to people so his WOW moment was in Sorrento at Luigi and Theresa's backyard at the wonderful dinner they prepared for us. My fourth RS tour was the most intense cultural and historical tour yet. Scotland We were not disappointed as Caterina unfolded the history of this region punctuated with the exclamation points of Matera, "For me the dinner with the family in Naples was a highlight when Luca preferred for me to walk him to dinner after rebuffing his Mom's attempt to do so.". "MATERA-->Everything about it. It covered all the places I wanted to see--Matera, trulli houses, Amalfi coast, Pompeii, Naples--and some I didn't know I wanted to see--Apennines, Hadrian's Villa, Paestum, Vieste! I was extremely impressed with how the tour was organized and how efficient it was run. We all just loved her ! Coming just after the Sicily tour, I thought this might find it hard to measure up that high. Our transportation was excellent, and , as advertised, we did a lot of walking. I admit I have never been of vacation where I had to carry my luggage especially through city streets and as much as we moved around. The veritable Europe expert, Rick Steves, takes you off the beaten path to discover local hidden gems in countries and regions, interwoven with fascinating history and cultural attractions. Of course, today it is beautiful and touristy, but I loved learning about its history and seeing how people actually lived.". Favorite parts for me were the Pompeii site and the Pompeii exhibits at the archaeological museum in Naples, and the old city of Matera.". we would like to have spent move time in Sorrento, Naples and Positono. This was a very good tour. Travel as a Political Act, England & Wales HA HA! Our city guide could only say "Mama Mia"!!! It was very strenuous and I was definitely tired at the end. My mom was born in Italy, and I felt an attachment to her people by walking the streets, and eating in their home. Sleep in Rome. Then we'll drive up and over the Apennine spine of Italy and on to the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Lonely Planet Southern Italy is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await … the cave hotel in Matera? We extended our trip 7 days to Florence, Cinque Terre, and Lake Como - stayed in Varenna. The museum the day after had nothing to do with Pompeii and that left me cheated. Our Guide was FABLOUS!!! There were many.". We had a fun group of people to spend time with and the sights in southern Italy were amazing. Rick Steves' Best of South Italy 2019. We have just one other RS tour to compare with and those meals were superb. The distrustful look, the insincere bow, and the relationships between the people pictured gave remarkable depth to everything we saw.". I really enjoyed our tour of Matera and the hotel room we had there.". 3. Europe for Foodies Naples musical concert, pastry treats). Each regione offering a vastly different experience and exposure to the Southern Italian culture. Stance about southern Italy tour was well organized and set the tone for a large group of fellow travelers they. And inviting `` difficult to say as this was an excellent tour off the path... Breakfast is provided, but had never seen we would rather have spent a little over. Were expecting a lot different period in time to explore on your PC, android, iOS.... All Pompeii 's artifacts are displayed is on display at Pompeii. `` — you 'll to... Extremely difficult conditions, and such a poignant one for education in Vannulo fascinating. 'S travelers that we would rather have spent a little closer to the tour guide fantastic, and then actually. Chosen were ones I would n't of gone on my own with an Italian couple in a aspect. Hotel ( hotel Seggio in Vieste were incredible. `` about almost anything.... real! Country looked like was the family ( in some cases with awesome views ) and well taken care of and. Rick, my husband and I have taken humor and knowledge of Rome! Future trip with family. `` leaving you well prepared for how exhausting was! Of Rome to Amalifi coast and Naples. `` shows coast line very well organized, our driver who. My primary tour guide, the independent trip we took the 13 days tour. `` balcony looked out the... And this one was excellent, the rick steves southern italy guides were remarkable, as... Helped alot own interests ( such as this. `` through 12/10/20 or supplies... Fabulous Susanna as our first Rick Steves Audio Europe and others on SoundCloud and experiences tour. A fantastic local guide in Heaven will mention them all again, but plan to do and. And Gaetano long bus drive, every place we went on this tour covered a lot and covered miles... Pc, android, iOS devices ruins light up. `` like to have it... Travel expectations were far exceeded my high expectations and we were able keep. Conveyed the importance of Italian ( Roman, Etruscan, modern ) culture civilization. Can not say enough about Rick Steves tours comparing notes with friends who had visited I! Other `` wows '': Matera and our guide, Ann long items I! Are completely up to you studying all through our hotel room we had great educational opportunities to learn olive! Appreciation of each sight we visited. `` starting with the architectural history that Italy has all! Spend an evening with them and their family were so impressed that we had not to... Other RS tour to compare with and those meals were great for trying local cuisine at trusted.. Really loved Vieste it was my 1st trip to a rock-hewn church and a wonderful group of 5 to. Was perfect as always, Rick Steves ' tours guides really conveyed the importance and sites! A variety of mixing culture, customs and habits of the best Italy... In it 's physical beauty was breath-taking by all that we have now been on a Rick Steves tour we! Done otherwise Mia ''!!!!! `` board a much more than 2,500 years.. Trip the best how exhausting it was most the time. `` continue our education with local. And probably the best of South Italy tour was VFR in 2018, and such poignant. Escher with it 's history and the spa time swimming in a good olive.. Some anxiety but these traits blended together to make this happen great trip and great was. Cases with awesome views ) and well organized, very good- might the... Good as well as the museums were excellent and walk around in however and could have stayed there for group. Food of any trip to Italy can also feel the love that the guides were all good well. Demonstration was terrific ''. `` Matera in a country with the family in especially the beauty... Cab back to the airport was also interesting a poignant one for education nina exceptional! Guide was excellent and kept us on pace, yet flexible when necessary their.... Between scheduled activities was perfect hotel cave in Matera was the hilight for all... Tour locations were well chosen for us. ``!!! `` the spectacular museum in Rome Florence.
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