Your science has to be good, and you’ll have to be an enthusiastic team player. One of the most important decisions you will make as a computer scientist is your niche. Yet there is also plenty of space for individual flair and imagination. You will learn why computer science is important and the reasons why you should be interested in such a career. Having a degree in computer science makes you a marketable candidate to employers. -you "We have been watching you since you were small, then as you went through high school and University. So if you're someone who's contemplating computer science, or someone who's afraid: stop, and just do it. So, the next thing you need to show your potential employers is that you’re interested and want to succeed in the role. Variety. Why do you want to work in computer science? But why computer science? If you are interested in work more than academic, Computer Science is one of your best choices. If you don't like the computer science major you … Computer science majors need to be able to think analytically in order to devise systems and programs, but must also be sufficiently detail-oriented to troubleshoot problems. Even if you want to be a business analytics, majoring in computer science will give you solid technical background which can be your advantage during job hunting. 1. No problem! It has the qualities of science and the qualities of craft, meaning that in some areas you can learn, practise, and master it, while in others, learn, understand, extend, or disprove it. This was how I learned computers and respect for my family. Computer science covers a great many job roles, from pure programming positions such as .NET developers, to the opportunity to be engaged with technical change management or to project manage development cycles. But in the 1980s, James Cameron made a pact with Cthulhu to gain unlimited power over technology. 60 Original Conflict Resolution Topics: Grab Them Here! Computing is one of those fields where it is almost impossible to predict what will happen next. What is computer science? Yes, it most definitely is! You have the opportunity to work abroad with ease. Of course, I will elaborate these more in my other blogs. Why not turn it around? However, you have to stand out from the crowd. Studying computer science will give you the tools needed to create that app and change the way people work. You get the chance to work within a large, fun and diverse team. It’s not uncommon for people to learn programming at home and get a pretty nice job. They are making life easier for us. To keep your career on the cutting edge and marketable in any business environment, consider the following reasons why majoring in Computer Science is a sound investment. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, especially with the idea of making a robot that can play sports. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the famous MIT). Because nowadays almost all industries you can think of are using computers. If it's broken, if you get a segmentation fault or Java exception, go fix it. Why major in computer science? You will never stop learning. Computers are everywhere in the digital age. Computer science professionals who work directly for companies or organizations are members—sometimes the only member—of their computer departments. ... Computing has space for both collaborative work and individual effort. Every week, dozens of new computer science internships are being offered by various corporations. Why computer science? They want to prepare the next people who will be a part of their ever-growing team of IT specialists. Campus life is vibrant and you will enjoy the experience. Students study the design, development and analysis of software and hardware used to solve problems in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts. Computer Science students do well in … The "Why do you want to work here" questions are the worst What ever happened to "I need the money" I might have a passion for coding, but not for the specifics of your company. It also teaches you about the ever-changing risks of using the internet, so you can keep your personal information safe and avoid security risks, and reduce the impact of online bullying (“trolling”). Good luck! In case you haven’t noticed, competition is fierce at all computer science colleges. So here are some of the top computer science schools in the United States at the time of writing (in 2020): Even though these schools may not be in your state, don’t hesitate to apply to them. This is precisely why studying computer science is so important. Here are just six reasons we think are important and that will help you decide for yourself: But why is computer science so hard? Remember that no matter the economic climate, companies will always be in need of good, reliable CS professionals. Computing jobs are here to stay, regardless of where you are located. 0 Vote Up Vote Down. Computer Science is an exciting, challenging, and growing field that impacts the world and everyday life in countless ways. So, let’s start with the beginning. These people earn quite a lot on average, truth be told. Technology is part of our future, and it is up to people like you to decide how it will impact and shape our world. Why Computer Science? It's actually several questions rolled into one so find out the good (and the bad) approaches to answering it. Since we realize that your future income is of great concern to you, we will tell you upfront that computer science has the potential to change your life. I shouldn't tell you not to study computer science, because that implies you have an actual choice in the matter. These algorithms have been developed by human beings, of course. A computer is an instrument that is used to do all the complex calculations that you are interested in with less time and a reliably high speed. Learning how to study computer science depends in large part on the school you attend, of course. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that computer and information technology employment is expected to grow 12% from 2014-2024. Your email address will not be published. Many schools do not require a specific undergraduate major to enter the computer science … Nobody can understand how my essays are always as good as they are. Why is Computer Science Important? You don’t need to dream of … You have no inclination towards mathematics or technical subjects. All Rights Reserved. You did it because you love this work and you want to give your contributions to the world of computer science. The most important thing though, is that you love doing it. Why? CS doesn’t mean you’re a programmer. Why Do You Want to Work Here—Retail (Sample Answer) I’ve been interested in fashion since I was a kid, and accessories form ABC have been my favorite for many years. Some computer science jobs are being outsourced to countries with cheaper workforce (Eastern Europe, for example). Please login or Register to submit your answer. They must be able to communicate well with non-technical people to assess their needs and convey technical information in plain language. You have always been there for me even when my assignment was last minute. Why study Computer Science? Username or Email Address. And even easier when you have an expert to do it for you. Software is not easy to develop, so it’s not unusual to work in teams of up to 100 people. I'm a good student and I always have been but it takes a little help to stay at the top and this is where I get it. I Hate My Homework – How To Deal With It? Required fields are marked *. To further break it down, you gain an understanding of how a computer performs (hardware) and its programmin… I could not have accomplished it without your help. And somebody has to write the programs for those computers, right? Probably one of the few trustworthy places online. Do you want to move to a wealthier country? The study has a theoretical and mathematical focus, and involves exploring processes such as algorithms, to solve problems. What are the reasons why so many students are picking computer science as their major? An increasing number of universities and employers see successful completion of a computer science course as a sign of academic well-roundedness. A good company web site covers everything from firm history to the mission statement to product lines to the latest awards and accomplishments. The most important aspect of computer science is problem solving, an essential skill for life. In the most problematic situations you can always get professional computer science homework help. This is one of the questions most of our readers are asking themselves – and us too. Contribute to great open-source projects, such as GitHub , Go , or Rubinius . After all, your major is very important. With a Computer Science degree, you’ll learn all the concepts and skills you need to answer these questions and many others. Your computer science skills will always be appreciated. We cannot even begin to imagine all the ways that you can make a contribution to it and how it can make your life’s work exciting and real. The disciplines encompassed by the humanities encourage a kind of self-interrogation that CS majors might do well to emulate. As its name clearly suggest, computer science is the study of the many and various processes that interact with data. You can land a CS job without a degree. Source: Unsplash Computer Science vs. Software Engineering. Be the best and employers will surely notice you. Moreover, they are involved in almost everything we do, from buying a bus ticket to searching for the best restaurants around our location. Well the reason that I am going into computer science is because I love computers and everything to do with them. Yes, it is. In this blog post, we will answer all your questions regarding this matter. When studying computer science, you look at both the hardware and software. Creating high-quality computing solutions is a highly creative activity, and computing supports creative work in many other fields. During you college life, computer Science is not only an academic major, but also cultivate your personal traits, teach you how to solve the problems independently and provide you sense of accomplishment. Experienced professionals also benefit from possessing a great number of transferable skills. Now I can hand in great essays and focus on that. 10 reasons to ignore computer science degrees Many organizations are looking beyond the CS degree to hire programmers who can deliver real results. Nowadays, Computer Science is globalized. The income of computer science graduates is higher than the median wage. Here’s why they might be right. Why is Computer Science Important? Priyanka asked 10 months ago. Having a computing major will provide you with a foundation of knowledge, problem solving, and logical thinking that will serve as a competitive advantage to you in your career, in whatever field you choose. The best solutions in computing exhibit high levels of elegance and beauty. Question Tags: Computer science. The paper I got here was even better than what I was working on so huge thanks to you guys. A2A * If you have an interest in learning how computers actually work with software. Your email address will not be published. They sparked my interest in considered design and high quality fabrics. MLA vs. APA: A Detailed Comparative Guide. Homework is easy with expert tips and advice. And let’s be honest: it will also influence your wage. Studying abroad is a great idea as well. Whether you're one of the many international students weighing the relative merits of a handful of fields prior to making your final decision, or if you've already decided to study IT, it is worth noting some of the benefits to study computer science in the US. "Oh yeah, why do you want to hire me?" It also requires a very good grasp of mathematical concepts (sometimes even abstract math). Computing and computer technology are part of the cars we drive, movies we watch, and how businesses and governments interact with us. But why is computer science important? The hardware side is covered by computer engineering. But this is precisely why computer science graduates are so appreciated. I aspire to continue my education in Computer Science until PhD level and delve in research throughout my undergraduate study. Do you have the opportunity to earn a decent income from it? On top of this, getting a computer science degree from one of these prestigious schools will almost guarantee you a very good job in the future. You have a great work ethic. The truth of the matter is that computers are everywhere around us. Depending on what computer science specializations you studied during your degree, you may wish to specialize as a cybersecurity consultant or an information security specialist. But it isn’t just about computers. How could anyone give two damns about writing code that gets cars to your location, or food reviews, or possibly moving buttons around on a page if you're at one of the Big 4? July 31, 2010, Hari M, Leave a comment. What are the work conditions? Why do you want to study this?—seems actually an important one for CS majors to consider. As a bonus, we will show you the top computer science schools in the US where you can get a PhD in computer science. Maintaining cyber security has become increasingly important, so in this role you will focus on understanding the risks to the security of information or data. You can basically work in any industry. In today's world of unlimited possibilities, it's pretty darn hard to know what you want to do when you 'grow up'. I want to take this opportunity to say thank Why Do You Want To Study Computer Science Essay you very much for taking this educational journey with me. Your computer science skills will always be appreciated. Improved hiring prospects. It is used to represent data in the form of computer programs. In other words, it is the science of creating algorithms that are capable of making a computer manipulate, communicate and store data. Of course, we will also discuss the most important cons. Those earning their master's degree in computer science often already work in high-tech positions. Read the About Us page and spend some time in the Press Room, where you’ll usually find the latest press releases and media mentions. I have a learning disability so writing takes me much longer than other people. It will greatly influence your career path. I really excel in science subjects though and that's what I love to do. Should I study computer science? Because: 1. This should instantly answer your “why study computer science” question. * If you want to advance the state of computer software technology. Read the compa… Software is not easy to develop, so it’s not unusual to work in teams of up to 100 people. Password. If you are thinking about your major, you’ve most definitely taken computer science into consideration. This may seem like an obvious approach, but you have to take the time to actually do it. All the computers involved in the process have algorithms behind them. This is the tricky part, really. Technology is evolving rapidly, new programming languages are released yearly, and new software engineering concepts appear all the time. Having a computer science degree means you will work in a large team in most cases. It will take a lot of effort to graduate, and that’s a fact. Here are some other reasons why you shouldn’t major in computer science: Is computer science hard? Whether you are thinking about entry level computer science jobs or about working for NASA, you should start by finding which schools offer the most opportunities. Computing offers rewarding and challenging possibilities for a wide range of people, regardless of their interests. Computer scientists are involved in creating technology and systems that are used in a wide range of industries, including medicine, communications, entertainment, manufacturing, business, and science. Computing jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction. Computing is often about being part of a team that requires people with many different kinds of skills. This is a very good question! Technology is advancing rapidly and there is always a growing need for people who know computer science. © 2013-2020 All your trials and tribulations and those late nights you … Consultants typically spend time in the offices of different entities tending to their computing needs. Question And Answers › Category: Questions › Why do you want to work in computer science? Forget the boys who tell you that you can't do it, forget all the haters who are jealous of your zeal. Computer science is a very hot field and the job demand is really high. That was how I learned about computer science. But of course, make sure you dedicate your time and effort to learning. It binds the abstract and the concrete. You get the chance to work within a large, fun and diverse team. Having a computer science degree means you will work in a large team in most cases.
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