Quick Turnaround Time listed as QTAT Looking for abbreviations of QTAT? "Turnaround" is a noun, "The economy is set for a quick turnaround." 2. These turnarounds can be due to a need for maintaining, renovating, or refitting facilities – usually every four years or so. ; I thank you for the honour of your proposal. und die Verlässlichkeit seiner Kommunikationskanäle verbessert dass zu einem schnelles Reagieren führt. 4. History and Problem Identification The project initially focused on one surgical nursing unit—the fourth floor Cohen Pavilion or Four Cohen. 100% Human-powered . We are experiencing the worst downturn since the great depression. Turnaround definition, the total time consumed in the round trip of a ship, aircraft, vehicle, etc. Different times exist as per configuration and can be found in tabular form in your AFM. turnaround time Lab medicine A parameter of a clinical lab's efficiency, defined as the time between ordering a test or submitting a specimen to the lab etc. Turnaround time to obtain concentrations of immunosuppressant drugs is relevant for clinicians to optimize dosing. It is Quick Turnaround Time. 3 The New York Times - Sports. I am also very concerned about reports on the hours that these cabin crew work and the consequent fatigue they suffer. Thanks for your loyalty. We must reduce costs and shorten turnaround times. Definition: Turnaround time is a period of time required for completing a particular process or task since the moment it is formally demanded. 1 a march at quick time or the order to proceed at such a pace. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. ; Anyhow, thank you for the rose. High. Although it was a neuroscience unit, Four Cohen received patients from various entry points, including the PACU, ED and critical care. During this period, the resources of the airline involved and the airport are mobilised to get the aircraft set up in the shortest possible time. For example, if a publicly-traded company has been in a prolonged bear market, but its share price eventually stabilizes and begins to move back up, the turnaround time describes the entire duration of this process. turnaround noun (TIME TAKEN) [ U ] (UK usually turnround) the amount of time taken for something to happen after a vehicle, an instruction, or an order for goods arrives at a place: We'll have to improve the turnaround - three days is too long. Die erstmals nach IFRS vorgelegten Ergebnisse für das. different types of capacity to what is needed for volume production for the telecom segment. turnaround time synonyms, turnaround time pronunciation, turnaround time translation, English dictionary definition of turnaround time. Meaning: n. time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für turnaround time im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch). 120 credits / 16800 characters * $27.99. Turnaround (englisch turn around, „umdrehen“) ist ein allgemeiner Anglizismus für einen Umschwung, eine Umkehr oder eine Wende, meist tendenziell zum Positiven. Thanks for your comments. In addition, some of these applications had hosting issues leading to poor performance and response time. Their businesses use a number of applications which interact with each other and exchange data. This is not a good example for the translation above. Branchenkrise auch als Chance zur antizyklischen Offensive. What does turnaround time mean? n (Marketing) the rapid replenishment of a customer's stock by a supplier with direct access to data from the customer's point of sale. Insurance providers are under pressure to automate the workflows to decrease the turnaround time and gain a competitive edge. Because of the economic recession, expect a long turnaround time. Quest expects turnaround time for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) test (test code 39448) to increase due to a surge in demand unless measures are taken to limit COVID-19 molecular volumes. - Answered by a verified Lawyer . As the years unfolded, their strategies for the fast turnaround multiplied. Your answer has helped us immensely. quick response. n computing the total time taken between the submission of a program for execution and the return of the complete output to the customer Collins English... Turnaround time - definition of turnaround time by The Free Dictionary . This increased customer churn and impacted bus… Allgemeines. Synonyms for phrase Quick turnaround. It should not be summed up with the orange entries. It is Quick Turnaround Time. Turnaround: a changing from one policy or point of view to virtually its exact opposite.