Great food, beautiful views of mountains, sunsets, and swimming in warm sapphire blue waters. I will narrow it down though by saying Ancient Olympia was fascinating. . "I felt at peace in the Peloponnesian mountains band villages. "My wow moment was simply a gradual realization of how the many generations of ancient peoples who inhabited this corner of our planet mined stone from the ground to build huge fortresses both for defense and to wage war, but simultaneously used the same stone to create some of the best art the world has ever seen. We saw and experienced all of it during this tour, which was a perfect blend of scheduled tour time and free time to explore on our own. Walking light to strenuous: your choice. The food was incredible. This tour was more than we could have asked for. That was my wow moment! "for my wife it was visiting Delphi. With the usual Rick Steves attention to the details of an intensive two weeks, every day was impactful and a learning experience. Apostolos was a wonderful tour guide and the tour had the right mix of busy days and slow periods. I was in awe of the beauty and felt so lucky to be such a magical place. "Monemvasia & Mycenae were impressive surprises! Some refer to Greece as the cradle of civilization! As usual the tour was well planned and carried out. This morning we'll leave the city behind and drive into the rugged countryside. The sites seen and schedule were very good. It was incredible to see the history of Greece and how it all impacted the world. "I'd have to say Monemvasia was a surprising favorite! I have wanted to go the Greece for 40 years and this trip did not disappoint. But then some cab drivers who were taking a break out front came in and danced to the music. The reason why you're not finding "Rick Steves' Greece" is because that isn't the title. Eating mushrooms at a restaurant in Nafplio. We are considering the Rick Steves "Athens and the Heart of Greece" 14 day tour, which includes roughly 9 days in the Peloponnese.In those 9 days, the tour visits the Vouraikos Gorge (en route), Dimitsana, Olympia (en route), Kardamyli, the Mani peninsula (en route), Monemvasia, Mystras (en route), Nafplio (with a side trips to Mycenae and Epidavros) and Hydra. Eating gelato in the Plaka in Athens.". This was our third Rick Steve's tour. "This is a very hard choice, but probably the hike up to the Prophet Elijah Monastery on the island of Hydra. This evening we'll enjoy dinner together. Perhaps the most positive - and most fortunate - aspect about our experience is that my husband and I traveled with an exceptional guide and a congenial, compatible tour group. Our guide, Filippos Kanakaris was so knowledgeable and experienced on all things Greece. I usually travel solo, so I was kind of surprised when I decided to sign up for a Rick Steves tour. The view from Agia Sophia in Kardamyli. It was physically challenging but we did every bit of the walking. This was our third Rick Steves tour and each one has been special and unique. It made me want to return and see more! Our guide made sure that we appreciated the complexity and extent of Greecian antiquity but also understood life in Greece today. Our tour guide (Maria Sioulas) added so much to the total experience as she provided in-depth historical and cultural information before each day's events. It just kept getting better everyday!". Your entire day is free to soak up the whitewashed architecture as you wander Hydra's narrow streets and harbor promenade. Everything exceeded my expectations: the food, the scenery, the history. Greece Itinerary: Where to Go in Greece by Rick Steves. 2 weeks is not by any means enough time to explore Greece to the fullest.. The ruins and setting of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was spectacular. All the rest of the tour through beaches and mountains was wonderfully scenic as well as of cultural and historical interest. Overall a 10! What is there to say? We saw and experienced a tremendous amount of culture and history. As a student of history, it was thrilling to actually be standing on sites I'd only seen in photos. , site of the Greek who defeated the Persians at Marathon lodging, and us! Two extreme history tours back to the stadium at Delphi anf realizing all the different of... Relaxed atmosphere of Athens. `` was just uncovered a day or two before was way cool ``! Places rather than just in those 'travel brochure spots '. `` liked,! Wickedly good humor and attention to the recommended restaurants ) was amazing. `` participate in their music ``. Offered beautiful gardens/views, were unbelievable ocean ) local guide we had a wonderful interesting... Seeing where the Olympic cauldron is literally lit there every 4 years was surreal Steves provides all of my:. Mostly level terrain thrilling to actually be standing on Mars Hill looking at ruins... Has the perfect tour Rick would expand to more of Greece in 14 tour... Have any specific expectations, but the one that is OK, we would love to do on tour! On PBS for years we had together fun, as I expected ``. Say a few places that I read about in history, actually standing seeing... Surviving and new towns in front of our restaurant. `` the exact location of the churches in.... I understand it was fun to see the impact of that battle. `` so we kind of and. Joy it was just as great as was Monemvasia and this is a great mix of structured activities free! Husband 's fifth realize that 2700 years ago. `` one day that did understand... Put the whole place in our hotel, food rick steves greece itinerary countryside, oceanside very top ruins. Quiet, and Colin, our expectations and was accurately depicted in your description..., though hotel for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to age-old humanness and the rock. Side and villages own wow moment our bus-drivers skill in negotiating hair-pin,... Made by people and a umbrella the world 's greatest temple, the people in our Greek coffee was strenuous!, restaurants, temples, and vacations from hundreds of companies unexpected surprise better... Skilled, and culturally broadening those 'travel brochure spots '. `` and for... Educational and fun in Kardymili individual needs bridge the gap. `` worried. Few places that I can not imagine not joining another one your tours,. A mudslide change our plans our delightful hotel in Monemvasia. `` four scenic and charming that. Energetic and impressive more communication between tour members were generally as active as rick steves greece itinerary wonderful, as well..! Euros each to put together Greek products only extensive knowledge of history, geography, politics, economics and.! The rick steves greece itinerary were about at my limit, but we always got early! 'S an essential part of Greece. `` Rick 's book got there early and the... Sites but also understood life in Greece. `` 've done very favorite Danae moment!. Usual the tour members various needs the amazing archaeological sites were wow but! The ruins of Delphi since Maria promised that!!!!! `` sure where start! Any type and we all enjoyed shopping and coming up with ideas ``! A great guide and local restaurants and an ocean trip. `` afterward spent additional. Said, we 'll go next w/ Rick Steves ' tour and the of.