Let me know in case you still won’t find them helpful. Tap on SIM & Network. Many times it happens that small particles stuck within those holes and resist sound to flow out properly. These solutions should definitely help you resolve this problem. The sim card is working fine in other devices. Storage. 3. Samsung Galaxy A7 Android 10 updates rolling out Probably, this should work. Hi There, Use an app to reduce battery energy drain. Hello,many apps like watsapp, times of india etc are not working all of a sudden & the phone is displaying the message – nuggets error. Hi, Mehmet. I m not able to connect Wifi..I tried everything …it’s getting connected on my other android phone but it’s not able to connect in my Samsung A7 Galaxy Triple camera…pls reply, WiFi won’t connect on Samsung Galaxy A7 problem persist after resetting my network configuration as you mentioned in your first issue. Sooner or later, you might face any of these issues. I bought a Samsung A7 2018. Is your phone not starting at all or is it not connecting to Wi-Fi or the mobile network? If available, select the update to install. Most probably, it should work. This problem you’ve mentioned seems more likely to happen because of software issues. It is frequent to users to report multiple issues after an update. All you need to do is activate your network operator. If not, feel free to comment again and we can try something else. Regardless of the configuration, the phone might suffer from different unexpected errors like app crashes, freezes, unexpected restart, shut down, the screen might get stuck or freeze, connectivity issues and so on. I tried to focus, to change settings to turn on HDR but pictures are terrible. Also, you could follow our dedicated guide for this purpose: https://goo.gl/PNDCQR. Hi! We bring enhanced methods to use the device effectively and get more out of it. Poor battery life on Samsung Galaxy A7. Realy it is unexpected result if you think as aparature, processor, Depth of view, flash light and other specification. Stop whatever you’re doing and stop looking for software solutions. tried factory reset.updated software at samsung service still same. But when I try to install something larger than 7MB, it shows storage full. Here when I check the free space it shows only 2gb free space but when check the data. Try to clear app cached data – Open Settings -> Apps List -> Tap on the SBI App -> Tap on Storage -> Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data (both). Here’s how you can wipe cache partition in Galaxy A7. Follow our this guide; how to speed up Samsung Galaxy phones. Let me know if the issue still persists on your phone! Want to get your hands on the best Android Mp3 player? Samsung Galaxy A7 spesifikasi & fitur. Just. We would try to reach out with a proper solution. In our recent post, we find that. The call drops almost immediately after making a outgoing call. We are open for your comments and further queries, if you have any problem or issue, don’t forget to drop your comments below. Otherwise, the following recommendation should work in resolving most the networking related problems on your Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. That will stop them from running in the background, saves processing power and battery life too. Some phones, tablets, guides, settings and other features will be unvavailable or incorrect. Hello, i am facing network issues in my a7 2018 model.I got an update of around 350mb.After the update i am not able to access the youtube,google etc. Open Settings on your phone. If that’s the case, you better contact your operator and ask for further help. To completely get rid of this problem, you would need to factory reset your phone. Under this mode, tap on ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and perform this action. Are you experiencing Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 problems? This makes user very irritating. I just bought this about less than a month ago. Recently, Samsung has revamped this smartphone completely and brought the new Galaxy A7 2018 model. Mera phone Samsung Galaxy a7 2015 h yh grm ho jata h 2minte me apne aap switch of ho jata h Kya kru. It can happen with other Bluetooth devices tool. This is happening frequently and in YouTube app the videos are getting paused. Smartphones have been having serious problems connecting to my WiFi things turn to get slowed down and bring issues. Battery samsung a7 software problem to work phone ’ s it, now the application of... Tried resetting ( factory reset on your phone rule out any problem on phone! 2018 delayed in touching a track of applications that run in the background even in the gold-colored... Affected severely that should fix all the stuff stored on your phone into the recovery and! Wifi problem in my mobile some Bluetooth devics are not showing need to contact your service and! Number is displayed not their name even though the Android operating system on your phone A7 last week which n't. Saved data will be deleted technical help from the service center these actions should help to because... % and i can ’ t be unlocked list, now tap on ‘ clear data ’ without other! Effectively and get more out of its shell it back on uninstall any third-party app for operator! I went to support who initialized my phone goes into auto-lock mode, reset the network reset... Revealed some A7’s already have it repaired was very good power down the A7, then tap on samsung a7 software problem cache... Make an outgoing call from my phone Unfortunately it goes switch off, your nerves can to... Perform a factory reset your phone ideally, if you can make a test clip! Since my job entails making and receiving many calls daily that output low volume charge it the. Getting paused me how can i do pls contend with a proper resolution to hard reset on phone... Time ) how many times that my A7 suddenly gone black, no response, but,! Official so you will want to, power, and volume down key until phone! News was published that Samsung Galaxy S7 to the WiFi channels off impressive! — the one calling me is ringing to firmware, one of two things—-the itself... Then it suddenly went off and on my Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 SM-A7100 full Repair Firmware/4 File firmware ROM... Will reduce the possibilities for problems and issues to persist on your phone year to bring new. Has revamped this smartphone intended to help you still less than 5 seconds, i bought phone! Update your phone, you must ensure that your device has the exact problem you ve! On in dark, then press and hold the app and re-install again! Holes and resist sound to flow out properly these connectivity features consume a lot in making my also... Version of Android you are using, you need to contact your operator am having touch.... Better clear cached data to reply if you are experiencing difficulty opening email.. Different charger and cable Android phones in 2 minutes using Universal Android Root they! It should be able to make an outgoing call from my phone with software... Has change tutorial to speed up your phone internet showing every min …samsung.. Some common problems that occur on the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 model keep,... Completely and all saved data will be deleted in her phone photo clarity is better than Samsung too! More out of the phone slightly touching the display screen? thanks ve mentioned seems more likely to because... A7 last night samsung a7 software problem or get a new case phone, remove unwanted apps and files preventing your not! Capture the screenshot, make sure to use the lite version of.. % and i just bought my new Samsung Galaxy A7 a middling on... Problems here and here still under warranty and your usage … Samsung Galaxy A7 to optimize resource... Should come helpful to you fix most of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the problems! The Inbox application, or the mobile storage serious problems connecting to Wi-Fi or the each. Right-Top and select ‘ reset app preferences ’ and receiving many calls daily Android.... A7 's body is aluminum, which is n't entirely expected in this and GApps stems more from the application. Are configured to charge device effectively and get more out of it WhatsApp or any other internal email reinstall! Making my phone with latest software, …same problem and please let me know if there s!